Should You Buy or Rent? Potential Net Gain of $250,000


Buy or Rent Introduction:

Are you caught in the dilemma of deciding whether to buy or rent a home? It’s a common question that many individuals face, especially first-time home buyers. The real estate market can be intimidating, with fluctuating home prices and various factors to consider. In this blog post, we will analyze whether buying a home is a wise investment or if renting is the better choice. Let’s explore the potential net gain of $250,000 and shed light on the factors that influence this decision.

The Rising Real Estate Market:

The first aspect to consider is the historical trend of rising home prices. Over the long haul, home prices have shown a consistent upward trajectory. For instance, let’s take the example of Mashpee, Massachusetts, where the median home price currently stands at $572,000. While this might seem like a hefty sum, it’s essential to understand that home prices have continuously risen. Based on real-world data, the break-even point is reached in just three years, and homeowners start putting money into their own pockets instead of someone else’s.

Analyzing the Net Sheet:

Let’s examine a net sheet analysis to comprehend the financial implications better. The analysis shows that purchasing a home at the current median price offers a potential net gain of $250,000 over a period of nine years. This means that, in just nine years of owning a home, you could potentially accumulate $250,000 in your pocket. The idea is to shift the perspective from viewing the upfront costs of purchasing a house to considering the long-term benefits.

Expert Guidance and Individual Circumstances:

Making the right decision when buying or renting requires a thorough understanding of your circumstances. Factors such as your financial situation, long-term plans, and housing market conditions are crucial. That’s where seeking expert guidance becomes invaluable. Eric Thomas, a real estate expert, and his team are available to provide personalized assistance tailored to your needs. Whether you require help with no money down or have additional funds for a down payment, their expertise can guide you toward the best decision.

Exploring the Long-Term Investment:

When contemplating whether to buy or rent, it’s important to consider the long-term investment aspect. Renting may offer lower initial costs and flexibility, but it often means putting money into someone else’s pocket without building equity. On the other hand, buying a home allows you to build equity over time, potentially leading to significant financial gains. With a strategic approach and considering the rising trend of home prices, buying a home can prove to be a valuable investment in the long run.


Deciding whether to buy or rent a home is a significant choice that requires careful consideration. While renting may seem cheaper in the short term, buying a home offers the potential for a substantial net gain. Understanding the historical trend of rising home prices and analyzing your individual circumstances are crucial steps in making the right decision. Seek expert guidance, such as that provided by Eric Thomas and his team, who can help you navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Remember, in just a few years, you could be on the right side of things, putting money into your pocket and enjoying homeownership’s benefits.

Buy Or Rent, Yes or No


250000 potential net gain should you buy or should you rent we’ll talk about that my name is Eric Thomas here with the ET sales team think Real Estate Channel we appreciate you visiting please like us subscribe to us ring the bell tell a friend do whatever you got to do to get the word out if you like the content that I’m providing and I’ll continue to provide some more information but let me get into it really fast this is really let me just get this out of the way here whoop let me move this all right there we go this is the conversation I had with a seller excuse me a buyer and I’ve had a few of those about should you buy should you rent and we’re going to come back to this number here in a second what I want to show you really fast here is oops let me get that away this right here is a quick chart showing where medium home prices in my town Cape Cod Mashpee Massachusetts hello good evening currently 572 thousand dollars is the medium home price that’s the halfway point between the low end halfway between the high end we’ll get into that later on that’s a lot of money period if you’re a first time home buyer that’s a lot of money and this is just taking everything into account there’s multiple charts we can do but we won’t discuss that just use this as a reference point last year was 626 and you can see the rest of the numbers okay that’s a big number but what I want to talk to you about is the conversation I have with a lot of different people in general that home prices over the Long Haul have continuously wrote risen and if you look here on this chart here we can go back here to January 2024 home prices were about 297 450. today you can see where they are but what I want you to notice is that even if we take the small Windows here the bubble 345 thousand right took a bunch of years came back out so that time frame was about seven years and obviously it’s been rising ever since to 2020 covert 19. hello but the point of the matter is home prices as you can see continue to rise the ad they flow but there’s an upward to direct trajectory but what I want to get into here is the conversation I have with potential buyers who are fearful of the marketplace and I want to make sure we’re communicating the ultimate value this is a net sheet from my buddy here David and we can get you into good hands I don’t want to talk about all the metrics here I just want to talk about in this analysis David provided me a quick sheet a home buyer bought a house today at 572
000 is it better to buy or is it better
to rent yes in the short term it’s
better to rent
but how long are you going to be in the
think about that
how long are you going to rent so this
analysis here and I can send this to you
we can talk about your specific needs
but I just wanted to hit this really
this chart buys a lot of data real world
data what it really costs to buy and
sell and as you can see here in the
short term yes it’s going to cost more
to buy a house
but that term is only about three years
based on that five hundred and seventy
two thousand dollars today moving
forward now this goes out 19 years so
your break-even point here is at three
years so in three years you’re on the
right side of things putting money in
your pocket so we’re not talking about
putting money in somebody else’s pocket
we’re talking about putting money in
your pocket and really your pocket and
really what I want you to understand is
I want you to be able to have the right
information to make the right choice and
look at the data and the facts for your
situation is it better for you to buy is
it better for you to rent but
think about this in nine years you could
have 250 almost 250 000 in your pocket
think about that 250
000 in your pocket
eight years seven years let’s take a
look at that
I gotta run I just want to hit this
really fast if you need help and guidance reach out give me a call 774-836-6560 Eric Thomas I look forward to helping you I have experts that can help you with no money down extra money down if you have a situation please reach out give us a call today thank you for listening you have a great day look forward to speaking with you English (auto-generated)

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