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We’re not rock stars, yet our vision is to rock as many souls as possible. Come on this decade long journey with us and we will see you back stage.

The Mission

To help You Live Better lives, Build Generational Wealth, and Secure True Riches through the vehicle of Real Estate to the Glory of God in Christ Jesus.

Our Vision

To be the Real Estate Brand of choice for those whose vocation is in nursing and healthcare.

Simple Values

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We Believe

People are our greatest asset. We succeed through people, not around them.

We believe in right and wrong. We choose to do the right thing.

We believe the mind is a terrible thing to waste. We Invest in our people.

We believe Passion, Productivity & Profitability fuel our success.

We believe we design our future. We are the Architects of our lives.

We believe in helping people who, like us, help others help people.


We are a team of Realtor Specialists that love nurses and support healthcare professionals’ acquisition, education, and retention. We happen to be in Real Estate.  

Delivering a World Class Uniform Real Estate Customer Experience is the Vehicle that Drives the sustainability of our long-term programs and projects, we envision will have the most significant impact on the communities we serve and the fulfillment of the mission.

Meet The ETSells Specialists

Jennifer Ariola

Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Tripp

Buyer Specialist

ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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