A preview. Nurse Week

Nurse Week

Many people know me from the early days in real estate, they knew my passion for nurses.

The original branding was, “The Real Estate Doctor“. See. in the beginning, the Nurse was on my mind.

Nurse on my mind
Eric Thomas The Doctor & Jen

Wanting to find a way to honor my mother, who was a registered nurse who passed away from cancer many years ago.

I Kept asking myself what was possible and what would make my mom proud.

Having a soft spot for what nurses and medical professionals do. They often sacrifice their own well being to take care of others.

Long hours, tired feet, a changing industry that might not appreciate that sacrifice and the financial pressures that are part of the industry. I started thinking.

Could something be done to give back? Could a bridge connect the gap between my real estate career and my desire to serve the group?

Super nurse to the rescue

I met a nurse named Jessica Smith on Facebook and she caught my attention.

Jessica was a nurse and a transformational lifestyle nurse coach. What is a transformational lifestyle what?

Not knowing. I asked. She shared how she taught other nurses, how to not get burned out on the job.

Learn how to develop and create healthy minds, healthy lives, and healthy financials.

That was was in alignment with my vision. So we connected.

Sharing with Jessica my passion for this matter and how I had started on a project which was similar, at least from the point of healthy financials and using real estate as the vehicle.

Over the last several years, I’ve had conversations with individuals who are in real estate and are very successful about what I could do to help.

Therefore, in honor of nurse week, this is a start.

Posted by Eric C. Thomas on Saturday, May 4, 2019

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